"i know you want it"
hi i'm georgia and don't even talk to me about harry styles

I have a friend in the audience tonight, he’s called Bradley…”

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Kaitlynn2L2Q@kayla_denton @Shelbymmorgann @Harry_Styles LIKE WHAT THE WHAT?

shelbymmorgan: Everything that @harrystyles has done for us tonight, from getting us floor tickets, to calling my brother out so he could propose to his girlfriend, and helping us get a ride back to our car we couldn’t thank you enough! Truly one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Thank you so much for not only making my night but also my brothers and his new fiances! 💗

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What’s up?

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oh hey

January 20th, 2014 

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no i’m not gonna lend you my pencil because if i lend you my pencil then you’ll want my calculator and then you’ll want austria and czechoslovakia and then you’ll end up invading poland and i will not have that shit

Harry heads to lunch in Beverly Hills, CA - 2/03 [HQs]

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reblog if your dick is longer than your arm

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@NiallOfficial: I just typed! What no! In my pocket hahaha

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